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Below you will find a list of our services. We are equipped and have a proven track record to complete large scale jobs, and with over 30 years of experience you can depend that we'll not only get the job done, but we'll get it done right.


"To have the confidence to not just finish a job, but to ensure that it gets done properly and go above and beyond the clients' expectations; that's what makes all of us truly happy to serve our clients.

                                                                                                                            - Gus Zois, Owner/Operator, ProClean



From skyscrapers in the heart of downtown Toronto, to your local suburban office, we clean all kinds of workplaces; banking, professional offices, government buildings and more. Come to your office every morning knowing that it has been cleaned and cared for by the touch of ProClean.


Construction sites can be a busy, chaotic and potentially dangerous environment. Whether it's the final construction clean up phase, or deep clean is required at any phase of construction, our certified and safety conscious cleaners will make any worksite spotless.


Industrial factories and other large facilities require thorough regular cleaning in order to keep the workplace clear of obstructions and rubble that could put employees in danger at work.

Steam Cleaning

Revitalize your carpet and bring it back to the healthy look it once was. Steam Cleaning also removes and kills of nearly all pesty bacteria, eliminating all dirt and grease from carpets.


Your windows are the first thing your client will notice upon arriving to your business. Make sure they are crystal clean and are the best reflection your business has to offer.


Bring back some shine to your floors! Our experienced crew has the best know-how stripping and waxing technique that will leave your floor shining throughout all different seasons.

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